Best Bathroom Renovation Services in Bondi

The average household makes use of their bathroom several times a day. This daily use leads to wear-and-tear, such as chipped and cracked tiles, fading wallpaper, damaged walls, and fixtures. Over time, bathrooms can start to look dingy and old, often with yellowing tiles or damaged grout.

Here at Peter’s Bathroom Renovation & Tiling, our specialty is bathroom renovations and improvements. We strive to provide high-quality services to the Bondi area and pride ourselves on our excellent reputation. If you are thinking about improving your current bathroom or creating a luxury bath that is functional and pleasing to the eye, then you should contact us.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Bondi area we can create the luxury look you desire.
Peter’s Bathroom Renovation & Tiling believes that our ability to provide top level services, products, improvements, and bathroom renovations have distinguished us from other renovators. We would like to assure you that we always listen to our customer's request. After all, our customers are our top priority.

Peter’s Bathroom Renovation & Tiling can create the type of customised bathroom you desire in a small space or a larger space, with experience working in both environments. Good-quality bathroom renovations add additional value to your home and provide the occupants with a beautiful and functional space.

To experience these amazing bathroom renovations in the Bondi area, contact us today at Peter’s Bathroom Renovation & Tiling for a free quote.

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