Finest Bathroom Renovation Services in Coogee

Bathroom renovations are no longer limited to basic designs, with many bathrooms becoming feature rooms in houses. Properties in the Coogee area are no exception, as hundreds of homes are building more luxurious bathrooms with exceptional layouts designed to attract attention. Peter’s Bathroom Renovation & Tiling have over 20 years’ experience in high-quality bathroom renovations in the Coogee area, providing both luxurious recreations or small and functional designs, depending on each client’s needs.

From innovative wall designs, to shower display enclosures, you can now create a unique bathroom renovation which is fascinating to the eye and add complimentary elements to your home. Our team will provide on-hand help to coordinate all personal elements to your bathroom renovations.

Whether your style is for a traditional white design, modern, or eclectic, we can accommodate all genres to coincide with your choices.

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